Smarter Business

Technology has had a profound role in shaping businesses. It starts with the right mindset to harness technology and innovation in order to enable the enterprise to grow through cost-efficiency and its connectivity to the many digital services available.
Our goal is to help local businesses and startups in harnessing innovative technologies as a way to fast track growth. We as an alliance of organization offer knowledgebase resources and seminars that promote innovation and upcoming technology for enterprise use.

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What makes a starter business

Innovative Leadership

Business Owner or Founders have a mindset geared towards innovation and making the most of opportunities in the changing business times.

Efficient Communications

Unified and Streamlined communications of day-to-day operations including vendor / supplier relations and customer service structure through phone, email, instant messaging and social media.

IT Capabilities

Internet connectivity and phone line redundancy that serves as a backbone of communications and business performance across the operations. This include functional websites, business systems and communications platforms being used.

Technology Employed

From computers, software and applications used in running the business, the technology must be cost-efficient, practical and increases business competitiveness.

Process and Change Management

Efficiency of business processes from administration to transactions.

Business Strategy

That is objectively defined based on goal-setting from short, medium and annual goals in terms of profit, productivity and performance areas.

Research & Development

To harness innovation and be aware of technological trends that may offer growth opportunities. All businesses regardless of scale must have the capability to improve its employed technologies.